PTM Ventilation Components

Constructed from pre-galvanized steel, PTM’s Aeration System components include a range of ventilation solutions for: Vertical silos (steel or concrete) Horizontal level storage Foundation air distribution/ventilation Floor air distribution/ventilation


Products lines:

-Self-locking panels - Type LM 124 (for vertical silos with air distribution channels in the foundation) -Self-locking panels - Type LM 74 (for trucks or flat storage facilities with air distribution channels in the foundation) -Ventilation ducts - Type CM 160 (for silos and storage facilities with already existing pavements)

Specially designed to ensure:

Sufficient sections of air transit to get the right flux speed with big volumes of blown air Optimal air passage, while preventing the product passage through the air transition holes Ease of assembly and disassembly, while cleaning channels and storage compartments High resistance to vertical loads (for ventilation systems both in flat storage, where proper circulation of vehicles and mechanical diggers is essential, and in large vertical silos)

PTM Ventilation Components

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