PTM ETM 630 Bucket Elevator

PTM ETM 630 Bucket Elevator Details

General Features:

-Designed for the vertical transport of granular or dusty products (typically cereals, oilseeds, flour, meals and their by-products) -Constructed from carbon steel sheets, with welded reinforcement frames, and legs formed from four bent and bolted panels joined with a spacer with high resistance to over pressure (≥2,0 bar) -The driving head has a double cover, with bolted plates made from anti-wearing steel  equipped with a belt alignment control system -The return tail is equipped with a screw tension system, double cleaning doors, speed control system and belt alignment control system -Self-cleaning tail is also available in order to avoid the pollution of the product -Surface treatment by hot dip galvanization or epoxy dust painting -Customizable, modular construction -Gentle handling/transport of delicate products -Withstand abrasive products -Loading, unloading, and control accessories are available -Reliable, easy-to-install, easy maintenance Standard execution (CE) or in -compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/CE (Z=22)

ETM 630 Specifications:

-Typical capacity ranges: 140÷360 m3/h (100÷250 t/h on wheat) -Buckets with deep profile: 2+2 types (steel / polyethylene) -Buckets with open profile: 2+2 types (steel / polyethylene) -Belt: antistatic, oil proof, breaking load max. 1000 N/mm -Self-standing structure up to 48m height -Max. installed power: 75 kW

Most common applications:

-Medium to large sized storage plants -Mills -Feed mills -Bio-fuel production

PTM ETM 630 Bucket Elevator Documents

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