HT3 Automatic Dampening System

All devices are powered at 24VAC.

The moisture probe is enclosed in a stainless steel housing, mounted on a sliding frame for its extraction during inspection and maintenance. The detection probe is designed for real-time determination of hectolitre weight, temperature and dielectric constant of the product. Such information is processed for determination of incoming initial moisture percentage. The flow weighing plate and instantaneously detects the throughput of product entering the damper. Once determined the incoming product moisture, and its throughput rate, a microprocessor calculates the quantity of water that shall be added to the product flow for reaching desired final moisture content, and arranges for setting the hydraulic section for its addition. It is also possible to program and memorize various different working programs that correspond to the same number of different processing, plus one for emergency or maintenance.

The Automatic Dampening System Is Constituted By

- Moisture probe with included flow weighing plate - Hydraulic panel for dampening - Automatic water dosing device

The Probe Is Available In The Following Models

- SU301 until 30 tons/h - SU401 until 40 tons/h - SU1001 until 100 tons/h (all models of probe are availables also in ATEX version for zone 22)

HT3 Automatic Dampening System Documents

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HT3 Automatic Dampening System


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SU301 dimensions


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