We offer top-notch SILO ACCESSORIES based on countless years of experience.


All AGI FRAME FP silos incorporate a heavy duty hinged single ring sidewall door in the second ring as standard. The reinforced inner door swings out of the way easily when open, the sturdy welded frame is hot dipped galvanized after manufacture. Additional sidewall doors, with necessary vertical access ladders & platforms can be supplied; in addition, for Commercial silos a ‘double ring’ door can be offered for some models at extra cost if required. Bob Cat Door can be offered upon customer request.



-GRAVITY SIDEWALL DISCHARGE Chain operated gravity side wall discharge outlets to provide direct loading into trucks together with the necessary additional reinforcing rings, access platforms & ladders can be supplied to suit most models of FP silo at additional cost. -SNOW BARRIERS To meet requirements in certain geographical areas, snow barriers, manufactured from perforated, profiled galvanised steel, to be fitted at the eaves of the silo can be offered. To meet requirements in certain geographical areas, snow barriers, manufactured from perforated, profiled galvanised steel to be fitted at the eaves of the silo can be offered. Especially realized to prevent snow from falling causing several damage, these structures ensure structural integrity withstanding wind loading and severe conditions. -GRAIN LADDERS To reduce the risk of damage to soya beans & other similar cereals when loading the silo, sidewall & centre mounted Grain Ladders can be supplied. AGI FRAME design of grain ladders is a sidewall version realized to prevent mechanical impact of the incoming grain against the silo bottom causing the creation of dust & cracks. This system is especially designed to reduce/nulliffy the grain free fall distances and rapidity while protecting the product. Advantages: Reduction risk of product stuck during central gravity discharge Improvement of silo aeration Bolted securely to the silo



To complete the silo project, AGI FRAME manufacture one of the widest ranges of vertical, & roof access ladders, together with a variety safety platforms, catwalks, support towers etc. to suit the complete range FP & FC range of silos to meet the requirements of all applications. -DOOR STEP -EXTERNAL VERTICAL LADDER WITH SAFETY CAGE -ROOF LADDERS -ROOF STAIRWAYS -CENTRE CAP HANDRAIL -SPIRAL STAIRWAY WITH EAVES PLATFORM -SPIRAL LADDERS -ACCESS LADDERS & PLATFORM TO SECOND DOOR -LADDER WITH BODY SAFETY CAGE TO THE LEVEL OF THE COMPRESSION RING C/W PLATFORM -EAVES PLATFORM & VERTICAL LADDER TO CATWALK -ACCESS LADDER & PLATFORM TO SIDEWALL DISCHARGE SLIDE



AGI FRAME can offer as an accessory, smart level sensor systems designed to handle every kind of conditions. Suitable for maximum and minimum level product detection, they can be installed in both flat bottom silos and hopper silos. Essential product to avoid silo overflow or emptying. -CAPACITIVE LEVEL SENSOR - ROTARY SENSOR LEVEL



AGI FRAME may provide a large scale of special erection tools. Starting from A-Frame, designed and calculated for FRAME silos, complete with chain and hook that supports up to 5 Tons each, up to specific products such as screwdrivers with torque control and reinforced bolts. These tools are designed for easy installation on-site, without the use of qualified people. Our expert supervisor will follow step by step every single detail, monitoring the work in progress, managing the organization on site, supervising and controlling the work of other supervisory ensuring a complete and correct silos erection. - A-FRAME - LIFTING KIT - ELECTRIC WRENCH - MANUAL CHAIN BLOCKS


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