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Eng. Tarek Eassa

The past five decades have witnessed tremendous technological and scientific revolutions that have changed the face of life. With the same amount of change, the industry and the services provided have changed, and at the heart of which are the field of storage silos, milling equipment and handling tools, as you become more dependent on technology and dependence on the accuracy of technology. In performance. The coming years will witness much acceleration and development in all fields. This generates great challenges, so survival and continuity become inseparable with the ability to adapt to developments and at the same time preserve identity. Since the establishment of the company, we have been determined to face these challenges, to adopt policies and procedures, and to make all the decisions that lead us towards success, and to achieve our goals with work and diligence. Al Eassa Import and Commercial Agencies Company has started work since 2007 in the field of import and commercial agencies. Supplying and installing all types of special corrugated steel silos for commercial and agricultural applications as well as for stairs, platforms, ventilation and temperature sensing systems, and towers, as well as providing mechanical handling equipment, cleaning, weighing, packing and handling of grains, feed and fertilizers, and storage and conditioning equipment including Drills, conveyors, grain handling accessories, grain aeration equipment, grain drying systems and fertilizer handling and storage systems. With all its elements, and despite the difficulty and accuracy of this field, and its need for special expertise, we with determination and desire to prove this testified to him of excellence in this field, where all the practical expertise and the collective team meet in them. Quality standards and technological development. With the accumulation of our experiences and our desire to develop, we have the exclusive agency of the largest Italian technology and field companies. AGI EMEA and CELMEC We believe in the values of perfection of work as a means to the satisfaction of God Almighty and Majestic, and we have turned this faith into actual practices, and we have made our mission to accomplish all work with the required quality in a steady and continuous process, and by doing the same. For human cadres. Al Eassa Company is one family, each individual contributes to its success, no matter how small his role is. In this respect, I extend all thanks, appreciation and gratitude to everyone who contributed and participated in building this ancient institution, praying to God to guide all of us to what he loves and satisfies him. I invite you to learn more about the company's activities and experiences through this site, and I thank you for your interest.

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